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  • Document Assembly

    Higher productivity. Lower risk.

    ACL replaces slow and error-prone copy-and-pasting with the most efficient and reliable way to create litigation documents from a library of always up to date forms and letters.

  • Task Management

    Visibility and control

    It doesn’t matter how good your case is, if you miss a deadline. ACL Task Manager reduces your risk of administrative dismissal with task and workflow assignment, email reminders and timely tickler reports.

  • Contract Automation

    Consistency and Speed


    Copying and editing a prior agreement is inefficient and risk-prone. With Agreement Builder, simply drag and drop pre-vetted clauses that you create and manage, for fast and accurate agreements, wills and letters. 

  • Family Law

    Fast and flexible document creation


    With ACL’s Family Law module, you can create all your family law documents quickly and accurately through a simple series of data entry dialogs that eliminate re-keying and capture all your relevant case details.

Documents are a necessary part of every legal matter, but they consume the better part of your day. Shouldn’t you spend more time delivering the expert advice and representation you were hired for? For firms of all sizes and litigation practices, ACL automates court forms, letters, and agreements, eliminating lost time, inconsistencies, and errors.

Get More Done

With ACL, you and your staff can assemble court documents at least 20 times faster, giving you more time to consult with clients.

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Eliminate Risk

Using ACL, court forms and agreements are completed with perfect accuracy, avoiding costly, embarrassing errors, reducing risk.

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Achieve Consistency

ACL delivers a standardized process and pre-vetted text for consistent language, look and layout in every document your firm creates.

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  • The ACL team is excellent.
  • If it did the dishes I would marry it. I can't imagine life without it. - Susan Charron, Vice Hunter Labrosse LLP
  • I feel very safe using ACL
  • ACL has helped our firm increase staff productivity with reduced chance of error.
  • Korbitec delivered on every detail. The software by itself is fantastic, stable and easy to use.
  • I have a new religion...it's ACL!
  • It's (ACL) like yoga for litigation.
  • We have been using ACL for many years and are very pleased.
  • It's legal Google!
  • It's like the people at Korbitec are our assistants.
  • Cannot imagine ever having to work in litigation without the use of ACL.
  • You guys set the standard for fast results! I have to be on the ball.
  • I have a new religion...it's ACL!
  • Any busy litigator would be nuts not to use it. -Clinton H Culic, Fitzpatrick & Culic
  • I tell everyone I know about the awesomeness that is ACL! - Sue Charron, Vice & Hunter LLP
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