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Korbitec Inc. is eminently qualified to serve the leading law firms in Canada because we employ a team of highly qualified personnel in the key areas of our solutions practice.

Our Trainers

Every one of our full time trainers has a typical resume of 10-25 years as a legal assistant or clerk in a major law firm. Our staff doesn’t train you on our software – we educate our clients on best practices in document assembly.

Software Development

ACL is praised by law firms because it can be quickly customized to meet their needs and our forms and litigation documents are updated automatically. We employ a team of product specialists in Canada who are subject matter experts in the Rules of Civil Procedure. In addition, our team of programmers ensures that our forms are current and our software program is always state-of-the-art.

Our Staff

Korbitec has the training, software development and technical support infrastructure and personnel to fully meet the needs of the most demanding law firms.

Our references tell a story that our competitors cannot: we deliver significantly more service and support to our clients and we do not charge for our efforts.

Easier and faster than using merges and macros.”
— Robert Colson, Partner, Teplitsky Colson