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Company Description:

Korbitec is a leader in the legal industry with its flagship document assembly solution, ACL (Automated Civil Litigation.) A strategic asset that drives our success is our people. We don’t always have positions open, but we are interested in meeting potential candidates who are dynamic, energetic and interested in furthering their career in a positive work environment.

About Us

Located downtown Toronto in the financial district, Korbitec Inc. (www.korbitecinc.com) is a leader in legal software automation development. Our flag-ship product – Automated Civil Litigation (ACL) – is used by thousands of lawyers and assistants throughout the Province of Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, producing over hundreds of thousands of documents per year.

Korbitec Inc. is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in our workforce and equal access to opportunities based on merit and performance.


Computer Programmer and Interactive Media Developer

TITLE:                        Computer Programmer and Interactive Media Developer

                     Full-Time Permanent

SALARY:                    $71,000/year

VACATION:               4 Weeks

BENEFITS:                Yes

START DATE:           September 1, 2017

LANGUAGE:             English

LOCATION:               8 King Street E., Suite 1200, Toronto ON M5C 1B5

CONTACT:                Jobs@korbitecinc.com


Job Description:

  • C# development of the front-end application.

  • RTF, PDF and TXT template development in GhostDraft, GhostFill and GhostFill.NET.

  • Dialog and Template scripting within the GhostDraft environment.

  • Solution architecture (from the ground up of modelling, mark-up and templates, dialogs, scripts, installation, deployment) designed and built from a client’s business requirements specification within the GhostDraft environment.

  • GhostDraft servers install and configuration on the client environment.

  • Install and configuration documentation.

  • Develop solutions to 3rd party software and data integration into the ACL system (customer plugins).

  • Compile help manuals.

  • Development of applications for internal usage. These include:

    • Billing reports.

    • Document management system.

    • Reference guides.

    • Solution to import/export from and to Excel within the ACL solution.

    • Solution to populate Acro Fields in PDF Forms within the ACL solution.

    • SQL and LINQ scripting

  • Client liaison

  • Extensive domain knowledge of the GhostDraft, GhostFill and ACL products

Prerequisite Skills:

  • Experience programming and document mark up in both GhostFill and GhostDraft in the legal arena.

  • Experience programming in the ACL environment.


  • Post-secondary degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

  • 10+ years of related experience (Testing, Developer, Software Engineer)

  • Strong general computer skills

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