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Company Profile

Korbitec has been a leading technology and solutions provider to the legal industry for over 40 years.

Our roots date back to 1976 when our founders launched a company at the University of Cape Town and created a product that first merged data with forms to produce automated documents.

Korbitec developed the first word processor for lawyers —  GhostWriter, which became the de facto standard for the legal profession in South Africa and elsewhere. Building on this success in legal document technology solutions, we followed with new legal applications for the real estate and mortgage markets. Korbitec also developed the gateways for banks and lawyers to transmit confidential mortgage instructions and documentation, thus offering a one-stop service for the real estate transaction. The real estate branch of Korbitec also continued to expand in South Africa with Windeed, an automated search and land registration business, similar to Toronto’s Teranet.

Further serving the needs of the legal profession with technology solutions, Korbitec launched GhostPractice — a practice management solution encompassing time management, accounting and correspondence.

In parallel endeavours, Korbitec continued to improve its document automation software under the GhostFill brand. GhostFill was known worldwide as a development tool to Fortune 500 companies. GhostFill has been replaced with our state of the art document automation engine  — GhostDraft. GhostDraft is now utilized to assemble complex documents in the legal, insurance and financial markets.

It was the GhostFill document assembly engine that brought Korbitec and Automated Civil Litigation (ACL) together. ACL was initially developed and marketed by a local Ontario-based company that partnered with Korbitec to develop the next generation of ACL. As the story goes, Korbitec liked the software so much that in 2006, it bought the company and soon after, ACL2 and then ACL3 was released.

Today, ACL5 the latest generation of Automated Civil Litiation, is the flagship product for Korbitec Inc. which serves the Canadian legal market, largely in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, with other jurisdictions to follow. With a team of over 100, Korbitec is still a privately-owned software development company that innovates and commercializes highly usable software solutions.

ACL5 automates the entire process of creating court documents and standard correspondence. With over 10,000 users creating over 1 million documents annually, it is comprised of court forms and litigation documents, which are supplied and maintained by Korbitec. ACL also includes a pre-and post-judgment interest calculator and over 150 standard letters.

With the addition of the ACL Task Manager, the software has become a standard tool for any litigation practice.

“Easier and faster than using merges and macros.”
– Robert Colson, Partner, Teplitsky Colson