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ACL Automated Civil Litigation

Efficient, error-free document assembly


Producing documents is a necessary, but tedious, part of every lawyer’s day. What if you had a system that captured matter-specific details and automatically created all your forms and letters?

Increased efficiency

Most lawyers would rather provide expert legal advice to clients than complete court forms and letters. With ACL, enter party-specific data once and it automatically populates any court form or letter you select from ACL’s comprehensive document library. 

Lower risk

Preparation and filing of documents has proven to be the most likely source of professional liability claims. ACL reduces risk for over 10,000 legal professionals from over 400 law firms in Canada by reducing or eliminating document errors.

Consistent language and styling 

Your documents should reflect your firm’s professionalism. ACL produces complete, correct, and consistently-formatted documents throughout your firm. Every document your users create automatically follows your chosen format and style.

Simple implementation

Deploying new technology shouldn’t be costly or time-consuming. ACL includes free implementation, training, and support, and usage-based pricing options that allow for control and management of expenses.

Fast, easy and always up to date


ACL automates the entire process of creating court documents and letters, enabling lawyers and their staff to prepare documents quickly, accurately and efficiently. ACL is easy to use and always up to date with the latest rule changes and court forms.

Built-in Forms Library

ACL contains over 2,000 court forms and letters, covering a comprehensive range of file types. ACL customers are kept up-to-date with changes in the Rules of Civil Procedure through updated forms sent at the time of the rule or change is in effect.


Simple Data Capture

ACL captures case-specific data through intuitive on-screen dialogs. All client, opposing party and court information is entered or imported once and stored in ACL, eliminating repetitive data entry and potential for errors.


State-of-the-Art Document Assembly

With ACL, users simply choose a document type from the menu, and fill in document specific questions. With a single mouse click ACL assembles a Microsoft Word document (or PDF, if applicable) that can be proofread, edited and saved.



All ACL documents are Word templates that can be customized to suit wording or style preferences. User can add an unlimited number of precedent clauses, and select any of these to be included in assembled documents.