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Training/File Entry Clinic

The ACL Administrator training is done remotely and usually takes 2 hours.  Some of the topics discussed are file opening procedures, letter and document formatting, reports and maintenance.  This is also an opportunity to identify any additional document customizations that should be completed prior to user training. 

User Training consists of two sessions.  The morning session is a Product Overview for all users and takes between 2.5 and 3 hours.  The afternoon session is a File Opening Clinic where users enter new and existing files.  User training can be done remotely or on-site using our six person laptop training centre.

Product Overview Training Outline
  1. Menu System and General User Interface (contents and organization).
  2. How to Create a New File (File Naming, Proceeding Type, Lawyer and Court Selection, Entry of Parties and their Representing Law Firms, Create and Edit Title of Proceeding).
  3. Advanced File Editing Functionality (claim to third party claim, counterclaim).
  4. How to Find and Edit an Existing File (change self represented party to represented by counsel).
  5. Document Assembly (Notice of Intent, Affidavit of Service, Letter and Fax Cover).
  6. Review of Key Documents (Common Motions, Interest Calculator, Releases, Timetable).
  7. Document Assembly – Using the Custom Content Manager (your firm’s precedents).
  8. File Entry, if there is time (please bring 2 files to this session).
File Entry Clinic Outline

You will have the opportunity to enter your active files into ACL under the supervision of a trainer.  This is a great opportunity to receive hands on assistance, have your questions answered and work with your own files.  With visual training plus hands on use of ACL, you will quickly become comfortable using ACL. 

Depending on the file size and complexity, it is possible for you to enter between 5 and 10 files during this clinic.  When you return to your desk, you can immediately begin using ACL to generate documents on those files.

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