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How ACL Works

What is ACL?

Properly formatted documents and letters can be produced quickly and easily.
– Helga Adams, Litigation Assistant/Clerk, Shillingtons

ACL (Automated Civil Litigation) automates the entire process of creating court documents and letters, enabling lawyers and their staff to prepare documents quickly, accurately and efficiently. ACL is easy to use and always up to date with the latest rule changes and court forms. With ACL, you can eliminate repetitive data entry and copy and paste, and produce error-free, professional, consistently-styled documents according to your firm’s specifications.

How ACL Works

All client, opposing party and court information is entered once and stored in ACL. To create a document, the user simply chooses a document type from the menu, fills in document-specific questions when prompted (e.g., specific dates and text) and with a single mouse click produces a Microsoft Word document that can be proofread, edited and saved.

To see ACL in action, select one of the document types below to launch a short video demonstration.