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Customer Testimonials

Adair Morse LLP


“I would recommend ACL to any litigation practice for its speed, efficiently and ability to reduce errors in litigation documents”


Cassels Brock Lawyers

“Korbitec delivered on every detail. The software by itself is fantastic, stable and easy to use. I do not hesitate to recommend ACL3. Even better, Korbitec’s technical support, ongoing training and response to customization requests set the bar very high for other legal software vendors!” – J. Kathleen Hogan, Practice Support Lawyer


Durham College


“I have a new religion – it’s ACL!” – Sean O’Sullivan, Student


Evans Philp

“I’ve been a legal secretary working in litigation for 29 years and cannot imagine ever having to work in litigation without the use of ACL. It just makes my job easier, faster and more efficient.” -Donna E. Keay, Legal Secretary


Fasken Martineau

“ACL has helped our firm increase staff productivity and ensure that we use the most up-to-date forms and correspondences with reduced chance of error. It is used with enthusiasm by our staff.” –Tony Pierro, General Manager


Fogler, Rubinoff LLP

“Many thanks for all your patience and expertise through this project. You and your team have been an absolute pleasure to work with. You have a great product and our Litigation Department is thrilled.” – L. Karen Schrempf, General Manager


“I wasted time bringing a binder of precedents into the Firm since ACL has it all” – Diana Samlall, Assistant

Langlois Konrad Inkster LLP

“You guys are really fast in responding…excellent customer service! –Tyler Inkster, Partner


Shillingtons LLP

“I have used ACL for several years and love it. It is a real time saver. Properly formatted documents and letters can be produced quickly and easily.” – Helga Adams, Litigation Assistant/Clerk


Solmon Rothbart Goodman LLP

“We have been using ACL for many years and are very pleased. It has definitely made the preparation of court documents and other non-legal documents an easy task for our assistants. Updates are received in a timely manner and the service offered and response time to enquiries is exceptional. ACL is extremely user friendly and we would recommend it highly.” – Carol Allak, Office Manager


Steinberg Morton Hope & Israel LLP

“This Company introduced my firm to a litigation software package that literally transformed the way we practice law. Through the ramp-up period, the team at Korbitec was available throughout to provide support and service – they were always prompt, professional and competent.” –James Morton, Partner


Torkin Manes

“The program (ACL3) has certainly come a long way and I am excited about rolling it out at our firm. I am pleased to be working with a company that listens to its clients and users and has a very knowledgeable staff of trainers, support and management.” – Nancy Lio, Director of Information Technology


Zuber & Company LLP

““It’s like the people at Korbitec are our assistants – they understand our business and what our lawyers and assistants need to do their work efficiently and accurately.” – ACL User


Vice Hunter Labrosse LLP

““If it did the dishes I would marry it. I can’t imagine life without it.” – Susan Charron, Vice Hunter Labrosse LLP


Sara Matysek

“As a Law Clerk who is very green to the litigation process, having a tool like ACL has made my job easier and more efficient. It allows me to focus on larger tasks at hand and gives me the peace of mind in knowing my day to day tasks such as letters & memos are being completely quickly and correctly.” – Sara Matysek, Law Clerk


Adair Barristers LLP

“I also want to say that I love the program it is a great program, easy to use and has all the bells and whistles one wants and if you guys are always willing to make changes and amendments to your program to satisfy our needs..” – Rose Nebiolo, Legal Assistant


Davis LLP

“I have said it before and I will say it again, Korbitec has the best customer service out there !” – Valerie Flint, Litigation Law Clerk


Pallett Valo LLP

“I feel very safe using ACL.” – Dina Bondi, Legal Assistant


Teplitsky Colson

“ACL is very effective, professional, efficient and dependable. This software has increased our office productivity and is easier and faster than our previous system of using merges and macros. We are very pleased with ACL and I enthusiastically recommend it to others.” — Robert Colson, Partner


Steinberg Morton Hope & Israel LLP

“Amazing product – just makes life so much easier. The documents are always current and comply with all court rules – how much easier can it get!”


Will Davidson LLP

“We find ACL to be a real time saver. The program is very fast and efficient.” — Eduarda Tavares


Scarfone, Hawkins

“We like your product. It saves us time in preparing pleadings. The fact that the product is constantly being updated to reflect the changes in the Rules is of significant benefit to us. The response that we get from the Help Desk when we have a problem or a question is always quick and professional.” — Cindy Yates, Law Clerk to David Thompson


Barriston LLP

“We like their software – ACL is an easy to use, comprehensive solution.” — Vivian Manning


Clarke Melville Sole Practice

“ACL has definitely increased my productivity as a lawyer… my assistant has consistently found that ACL saves her considerable amounts of time, thus allowing her to pay more attention to other tasks and projects. ACL has increased the overall profitability of the litigation practice in our firm… excellent service and support.”


Weiler, Mahoney, Nelson

“I am reminded once again, that I am thankful for the resources ACL3 provides in keeping us up to date.” — Lani Garry


Feltmate Delibato Heagle LLP

“I checked out an estate letter and the new letterhead looks great. Thanks so much for all the support and help everyone at Korbitec gives! You guys are all great.” — Kim Lovatt Legal Assistant/Clerk


Middlebro’ & Stevens LLP

“These (customizations) are BRILLIANT. I love them. Thank you so much for taking ownership of this for us. I REALLY appreciate it and I feel that you have gone beyond the call of duty here. Thank you.” — John D. Middlebro’


Ricketts Harris LLP

To quote the new users in the firm: They love it – “ACL saves so much time in preparing court documents and is also very user friendly.” — Cathy Di Tommaso


Mohawk College

“Thank you for updates you have recently sent concerning the changes to the rules. You are now my best source for currency in the litigation field. The paper copies of the amendments and articles in the Hamilton Law Association follow later, but your updates are so timely. By the way, I am retiring at the end of this semester and I am sure I will miss teaching ACL. I have certainly enjoyed my association with your company, and continue to hear good things about your software in the community. I wish you continued success.” — Margaret Thurston, Legal Admin. Course Director


Tom Marshall, Sole Practice

“I believe that we were the first installation for ACL. We have been very, very pleased with this software. I have told Korbitec to have anyone call anytime for a reference.”


Hogarth Hermiston Severs LLP

“This is completely user-friendly software — however the training received was very in-depth and hands-on. Korbitec has been very accommodating in tailoring the software to our specific needs.” — Cheryl Leppan


Fine & Deo

“The customer service has been great and we find the program to be very helpful. Nobody has experienced any problems using ACL.” — Lina Greco, Law Clerk


Anton M. Katz, Barrister and Solicitor

“Excellent, ever-evolving products with courteous and efficient support personnel.”



“The service provided by Korbitec is excellent. The helpdesk is absolutely wonderful and staffed with kind, patient and knowledgeable people. The web login technology is key for Korbitec to assist the client immediately in the resolution of their issue. It allows Korbitec to view the issue first hand and resolve it immediately, whether through an update patch, programming or quick training lessons.” — Assistant to Kathy Chittley-Young