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ACL Letters – Ontario


Letters – Create

  1. Envelope or Label
  2. Fax Cover Sheet
  3. Inter-Office Memo
  4. Letter to Client or Other Contact
  5. Letter to Court
  6. Letter to Lawyer
  7. Send Email


  1. Send draft claim for comments (client)
  2. Send final copy of claim (client)
  3. Advise claim was issued (client)
  4. Advise claim was served (client)
  5. Send draft defence for comments (client)
  6. Send final defence and advise will serve (client)
  7. Advise received defence of other party (client)
  8. Serve intent – advise preparing defence
  9. Demand defence or note in default

Affidavit of Documents

  1. Explain purpose and request documents (client)
  2. Additional request for documents (client)
  3. Provide draft and request comments (client)
  4. Send draft and provide sworn at discovery
  5. Ask to be provided within two weeks
  6. Threaten motion if not provided
  7. Request documents listed in Schedule A


  1. Confirm date with reporter
  2. Advise of exam date of other party (client)
  3. Explain examinations for discovery (client)
  4. Confirm exam date of his-her client (lawyer)
  5. List of undertakings – simple (client)
  6. List of undertakings – explain (client)
  7. Reminder to answer undertakings (client)
  8. Undertakings from handwritten notes (lawyer)
  9. Undertakings from review of transcripts (lawyer)
  10. Advise answers are not complete (lawyer)
  11. Reminder to provide answers (lawyer)
  12. Request answers and threaten motion (lawyer)
  13. Transcript of client (client)
  14. Transcript of other party (client)
  15. E-Discovery – Memorandum to Corporate Client Regarding Documentary Discovery
  16. E-Discovery – Memorandum to Individual Client Regarding Documentary Discovery
  17. E-Discovery – Preservation Letter (To be Sent to Opposing Counsel)
  18. E-Discovery – Preservation Letter (To be Sent to Defendant or Proposed Defendant)

Offers to Settle

  1. Confirm instructions to make offer (client)
  2. Send copy of offer for approval (client)
  3. Send copy which will mail in seven days (client)

Pretrial Conference

  1. Advise of pretrial date (client)
  2. Send pretrial memorandum (client)
  3. Advise of pretrial date – Simplified Procedure (client)

Listed for Trial

  1. Advise trial record served by us (client)
  2. Advise trial record served by other lawyer (client)
  3. Advise of assignment court date (client)

Orders / Judgments

  1. Send client draft order – drafted by us (client)
  2. Send client draft – drafted by other lawyer (client)
  3. Send client copy of issued order (client)
  4. Ask other lawyer to approve draft order
  5. Approve order drafted by other lawyer
  6. Send other lawyer copy of issued order

Simplified Procedure

  1. Letter to Lawyer consent to transfer of file to Small Claims
  2. Letter to Court re transfer of file to Small Claims
  3. Advise of Pre-Trial date
  4. Explain stages of lawsuit


  1. Request Cert of Aptmt for Court – With a Will
  2. Request Cert of Aptmt for Court – Without a Will
  3. Residual Beneficiary Initial Letter – With a Will
  4. Beneficiary Initial Letter – Without a Will

Enforcement of Order

  1. Advise of options for enforcement (client)
  2. Advise noted in Default (client)
  3. Advise obtained Default Judgment (client)
  4. Advise of Service of Garnishment (client)
  5. Advise Writ filed (client


  1. Confirm no instructions (client)
  2. Explain stages of lawsuit (client)
  3. Explain Mandatory Mediation (client)
  4. Advise lawyer is on holidays

Personal Injury

  1. Accidental Benefit
  2. Request Accident Benefit file
  3. Informing Client of Defence Medical
  4. Moving forward with litigation (client)
  5. Attendance at Assignment Court (client)
  6. Request signature on Authorization (client)
  7. Informing Client of Defence Medical
  8. Summons to Witness Letter (client)
  9. Requesting student records
  10. Requesting personnel file from employer
  11. Requesting employment insurance file from Employment Canada
  12. Human Resources Development Canada requesting Canada Pension disability file
  13. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board requesting file
  14. Social Services requesting file
  15. Obtain Clinical Notes and Records (re MVA) from hospital
  16. Obtain Clinical Notes and Records (re MVA) from doctor
  17. Obtain Ambulance Call Report (re MVA)
  18. Obtain Physiotherapy Records (re MVA) form physiotherapist
  19. CCRA requesting copies of tax returns
  20. Ministry of Health requesting OHIP decoded list of services
  21. Ministry of Health requesting subrogation summary
  22. Requesting MVA Report for police department
  23. Freedom of Information Branch enclosing Authorization
  24. Thank you letter for providing reports and enclosing payment
  25. Advising Matter Settled
  26. Advising Matter Settled and Including Order
  27. Issue and Enter Order
  28. Follow Up Letter
  29. Confirming Attendance at Defence Medical No Transportation
  30. Confirming Attendance at Defence Medical Requires Transportation
  31. Notice Letter
  32. Request for Prescription Summary

Authorizations and Directions

  1. Authorization and Direction to correspond with lawyer
  2. Direction and Authorization for employment records.
  3. Direction and Authorization for income tax records
  4. Direction and Authorization for police report and-or witness statements
  5. Direction and Authorization for release of information under the Freedom of Information Act
  6. Direction and Authorization for school records
  7. Direction and Authorization to insurer requesting file
  8. Direction and Authorization from client for contents of file
  9. Direction and Authorization to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (OHIP)
  10. Direction and Authorization to release all documents to lawyer
  11. Direction regarding funds
  12. Medical Authorization (physical condition-injuries)


  1. Interim Account
  2. Disbursement Account
  3. Final Account
  4. First collection request
  5. Second collection request
  6. Third collection request
  7. Fourth collection request