Document Assembly

for Law FIrms

Litigation, Estates & Wills, Debt Recovery, and Family Law practices depend on ACL for fast, error-free court forms and documents. 

ACL Family Law forms are currently offered in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan.

ACL Software &
Solution Development

ACL (Automated Civil Litigation) is the culmination of more than 45 years of world-leading document assembly engine technology, originally developed by Korbitec in Cape Town, South Africa. Acquired by Dye and Durham Inc. in 2022, ACL continues its long tradition of serving the Canadian legal market in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Law firms have embraced ACL for its productivity and efficiency in generating error-free court forms and documents. ACL content is always up-to-date and updated automatically. Law firms appreciate that ACL is easily customized to include their own unique precedents and document-formatting rules.

As a Dye and Durham solution, ACL is now, more than ever before, exceeding the expectations of our demanding Canadian litigation practice clients.

Our Staff and Trainers

Every ACL trainer has a typical resume of 10-25 years as a legal assistant or clerk at a major law firm. Our staff doesn’t just train you in using our software — we educate our clients on proven best practices in document assembly. ACL is embedded in the course curricula of leading colleges as the preferred method of generating court forms and legal documents. ACL initial and refresher training for new staff is always available, free of charge.

Our Customers

Our customer testimonials tell a story that our competitors cannot: we deliver significantly more service and support to our clients, and we do not charge extra for our efforts.

Easier and faster than using merges and macros.”

— Robert Colson, Partner, Colson Winterstein LLP

Empowers my staff to be productive and protects the firm reputation so I can sleep at night.”

– Adam Wagman, Partner, Howie Sacks & Henry

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