Court Forms
And Letters

ACL Contains Over
3500 Court Forms and Letters

ACL contains more than 3,500 court forms and letters. Stay fully current on changes to the Rules of Civil Procedure with our automatically updated library of forms.

ACL contains Rules of Civil Procedure Court Forms 4 through 76, all Estate forms, Federal Court Forms, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Forms, 14 Common Motions, Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) Defence forms, Mandatory Mediation, Commercial List, Factums, Releases, Small Claims Court Forms (1A to 20R), E-Discovery Plan, Agreements, Orders, a pre and post-judgment interest calculator and over 120 standard letters.

Eliminate Errors

Pre-vetted, standardized text reduces risk by eliminating errors that can lead to administrative dismissal or malpractice claims. Continuously updated court forms, law firm data (more than 3,500 litigation firms) and court contact information ensure that your staff always has the most current content.
ACL Task Manager provides a centralized view of task assignments and due dates, eliminating missed deadlines.
xchangedocs, ACL’s secure document exchange protects confidentiality and prevents law firm staff from misdirecting emails.

Letter Templates

ACL letters, and other legal documents can be customized with your firm styles and letterhead.

Up-To-Date Court Forms

ACL5 keeps law firms and staff fully current on the latest Ontario, BC, and Alberta Civil and Small Claims Court Forms as well as federally prescribed forms for Tax, Bankruptcy, Federal Court and the Supreme Court of Canada

In 2021 alone, the Ontario Courts initiated over 18 court form changes. Lawyers and their staff cannot risk having their forms delayed or rejected by the courts due to being incorrect or out of date.

Court forms in ACL5  are meticulously updated to the most current version. Lawyers, legal assistants, clerks, and paralegals, have instant access to the latest Ontario Court Forms and Small Claims Forms in ACL5, saving time and reducing costly errors. In addition to Ontario Court Forms, ACL5 also includes:

  • Federal forms
  • Small claims for Ontario, BC and Alberta (Civil Forms)
  • Estates & wills
  • Construction Act
  • Bankruptcy
  • Supreme Court of Canada

Searching for and accessing the latest Ontario Court Forms in ACL5 couldn’t be easier. All forms and documents are searchable by keyword or form type/category.

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