Eliminate Risk of

Automated Civil Litigation assembles and generates perfect legal documents and court forms up to 20X faster than typing or “copy & paste,” while eliminating the risk of errors.

That’s why over 10,000 legal professionals across Canada use ACL document automation to increase office productivity, avoid preventable errors, and free up time for more client work.

Increase Efficiency

Users can quickly and easily generate documents by pulling in pre-written text and other content, which can save a significant amount of time compared to manually typing or formatting documents.

Improved Accuracy

By using pre-written text and templates, ACL can help to reduce the number of errors and inconsistencies in documents.

Cost Savings

By automating document creation, ACL can help organizations to reduce costs associated with manual document creation, such as printing and mailing.

Better Compliance

ACL’s forms are continuously updated and maintained so civil litigators, law clerks, and civil litigation assistants can always rely on them to be the latest court-prescribed documents

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