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Agreement Builder


simplified error-free agreements

Creating an agreement from scratch is inefficient and error-prone. What if you could automatically assemble an agreement from a library of clauses that you create and manage?


Simplified agreement creation

Even ordinary agreements can be difficult to create if you’re copying and adapting prior documents. With Agreement Builder, you produce new agreements by choosing from a library of clauses that you create, edit, and manage.

No software expertise required

Modifying your library of clauses shouldn’t require a software programmer. Agreement Builder enables any legal professional to add, edit, and maintain content independently, without the need for software expertise.

Increased efficiency

Creating a new agreement, contract, will, or letter should never require redrafting what you’ve already done. Agreement Builder accelerates the process through intuitive “drag and drop” of pre-vetted clauses.

Consistency and control

Copying and pasting to create a new agreement introduces the risk of errors. Agreement Builder locks down your templates, so your content is never compromised, giving you the power of ACL’s document automation engine, with the flexibility to edit.

“Thanks for making my  job easier!”

Sonja Mazzucco
Legal Assistant | Broderick & Partners LLP

Faster Agreements. Fewer Errors.

 Agreement Builder saves time and reduces errors by enabling a legal professional to populate an agreement, contract, will, letter or any other document template by selecting clauses from a library that they build and maintain.

Self-Maintained Clause Library

In agreement Builder, all clauses are maintained in-house, on your own system, including your libraries hierarchy, formatting, and insertion points, providing you with full control over your content.


Intuitive Drag and Drop

Agreement Builders intuitive clause picker enables a legal professional to build a complete agreement by simply dragging and dropping pre-built clauses into an agreement template.


Automated Formatting

Agreement Builder automatically numbers clauses in the correct sequence as they are dropped into the template, and adjusts grammar to fit file details that you input at the beginning of the session, saving time and eliminating editing cycles. 


Powerful Document Assembly

Agreement Builder includes the agreement shell and the ability to add “fill points” for file-specific data that ACL’s powerful document automation engine merges with your pre-built clauses to create fast and error-free documents. 

It’s like the people at Korbitec are our assistants – they understand our business and what our lawyers and assistants need to do their work efficiently and accurately.

– ACL User | Zuber & Company LLP