Aug 8, 2021

4 New Legal Technology Insights for the “New Normal”

Legal Technology and The New NormalAs we look ahead to a post-pandemic world, many are talking about a “new normal”. What does this mean for legal technology and the legal profession in Canada?

In our latest posts, we collected four recent articles that speak to issues that are top-of-mind for Canadian lawyers:

  • The future of law, legal technology, and three new kinds of lawyer
  • How one firm is embracing work-from-home, even as offices reopen
  • How cybersecurity knowledge can prevent digital disasters
  • How legal software helps lawyers keep pace with two changes of the past year

Each post includes a 10-second summary, so you can decide whether to read the full article. To reach our page, click here. Michael Sauber
Michael Sauber leads the marketing program for Korbitec, producer of Automated Civil Litigation Software (ACL). He has worked with document production technologies and professional services for over 30 years and is a frequent blogger on these topics.



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