Amping up the quality of legal documents

Nov 6, 2017

Legal writing

Proper language speaks volumes, but much of that is lost in our current tech-savvy culture, says Korbitec Inc. president Alan Bass who believes that today’s writing skills are no longer as exacting as they once were.

“New graduates have grown up in a very cryptic world of texting and emails and posting on social media,” he says. “Whether it’s in the law or elsewhere, quality writing is essential to success because it relates to proper communication.”

Bass recounts attending a seminar where a judge declared that his mood will be skewed by the quality of the document he’s reading.

Diminished quality might be attributed to poor formatting and presentation of the piece. But sloppy writing will also take away from the overall quality. The judge, recalls Bass, said he struggled through information that wasn’t well-written.

“That lack of quality also diminishes the overall professionalism that firms try to achieve in their communications and documents,” says Bass.

Korbitec’s automated civil litigation (ACL) software aims to bridge the gap, he says. Along with its features that ensure well-written and properly formatted court filings, notices, and claims, ACL also contains over 150 letters that are written by lawyers for lawyers.

“The ACL documents are generated in Microsoft Word, which allows for post-assembly edits and additions,” Bass says. “The documents, including letters, can be customized to the author’s preferences.”

“For new associates, using ACL for document production can help them ramp up faster, and because the documents are formatted in our software, they always conform to the firm’s standard settings and styles.”

The software also includes the law firm’s contacts, as well as a central repository of claims, letters, precedents and various other documents that can be used in specific cases, Bass says.

“ACL also improves efficiency and minimizes the risk of errors by importing data from other sources. We integrate with a number of commonly used software packages. Whether it’s an accounting or practice management system, the information input into that software can be pulled into ACL,” says Bass. “We also provide the option for users to import their contact list from Microsoft Outlook.

“ACL can be a significant time saver, in addition to reducing risk for the firm and the lawyer.”


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