Heather MentoreKorbitec’s xchangedocs saves time, reduces costs, and improves security for HR-focused law firm.

Founded in 1995, Bernardi HR Law is a team of lawyers, HR professionals, mediators, and workplace investigators devoted to helping clients minimize legal liability and create psychologically safe, respectful, and productive workplaces.


For the firm’s law clerks, the COVID-19 pandemic made serving documents much more difficult. Process servers and couriers were only available during business hours. Lawyers and commissioners were no longer nearby to commission an affidavit.

WHY xchangedocs

Bernardi is a long-time user of Korbitec’s document automation solution, Automated Civil Litigation (ACL), and was already familiar with the company’s responsive service and support. The firm also appreciated the convenience of sending documents from within their ACL system without the need to rekey contact information.


After deciding to adopt xchangedocs, a 15-minute training session was all that was required to begin using the service. Initially, one law clerk was trained, and the firm will train additional staff as needed.

“xchangedocs is very intuitive and simple to use,” said Heather Mentore, Law Clerk at Bernardi. “And Korbitec is super responsive whenever I have an issue. They are patient and stay with me until I’ve worked through it.”

Bernardi currently uses xchangedocs exclusively for serving court documents. The firm is aware of the security issues related to other modes of document exchange and particularly likes the fact that the xchangedocs is more secure.

“The Record of Service is a game-changer,” said Mentore. “If I’m working at home or I’m alone in the office, there’s no lawyer or commissioner to commission an affidavit. xchangedocs has solved that problem.”



Bernardi has seen significant time and cost savings from their use of xchangedocs. Law clerks are able to complete work on a matter and file it quickly with much less back and forth. And the integration of xchangedocs with ACL document automation, places all documents under a unified, time-saving workflow, while conveniently organizing all document exchanges by matter.

xchangedocs has also made the transition to remote work easier. Law clerks are free to structure their workday without regard for where they are working or who is available to commission documents. The virtual commissioning process is onerous, and xchangedocs’ Record of Service makes it much easier.

For more information about xchangedocs, visit korbitecinc.com/xchangedocs.


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