Boutique law firm was attracted to xchangedocs for its ability to serve documents electronically without an Affidavit of Service.

Brauti Thorning is a Toronto-based boutique law firm, with expertise that encompasses many areas of civil and criminal litigation and commercial law.


While working from home during the COIVID-19 lockdown, serving documents became more difficult as Brauti Thorning staff had no direct access to commission an affidavit quickly or easily.

WHY xchangedocs

As an active user of Automated Civil Litigation (ACL) for document automa-tion, Brauti Thorning was already familiar with Korbitec. They were attracted to xchangedocs for its ability to serve documents electronically and produce a Record of Service that is accepted by the courts. They also liked the ability to send documents through xchangedocs without leaving ACL, and without rekeying contact information.


Brauti Thorning had four staff members trained on xchangedocs. Mark McGlennon, a law clerk at the firm, remarked that he “had no issues learning how to use xchangedocs after watching a short demo from Korbitec.”

The firm uses xchangedocs primarily to serve documents and send large documents to opposing counsel and clients. They especially like the ability to produce a Record of Service without the need for an Affidavit of Service to be commissioned. In addition, they appreciate the product’s ability to confirm the receipt of documents through its tracking feature.

“With xchangedocs, I can simply generate a Record of Service and file it with the document served. This has become essential to filing documents during COVID-19 while working at home without direct access to a commissioner or a process server,” said McGlennon.


Brauti Thorning has seen significant time savings with xchangedocs. They have eliminated the need to commission an Affidavit of Service for documents served and have seen faster response times when a document is sent.

The firm is also saving money with xchangedocs, eliminating the need for a process server.

“xchangedocs has made our processes more efficient and our document delivery more secure,” said McGlennon. “Document delivery is more reliable, and we are no longer restricted to the maximum file size imposed by our email system.”

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