Teplitsky ColsonKorbitec’s xchangedocs saves time and improves convenience for boutique litigation firm.​

Founded in 1979, Teplitsky Colson has grown to 26 lawyers and supporting staff covering 11 business and family law practice areas. As a self-described premier litigation boutique, the Toronto-based firm prides itself on a business that has grown almost exclusively through referrals.


Like many firms, Teplitsky Colson responded to the challenges of the COVID pandemic and remote work by seeking out more efficient processes. The traditional serving of parties, which requires sworn and notarized Affidavits of Service and commissioning, seemed a good place to start.

WHY xchangedocs

Teplitsky Colson was already familiar with Korbitec through their use of the company’s document automation solution, Automated Civil Litigation (ACL). The firm appreciated the fact that xchangedocs could pull data directly from ACL, eliminating the need to rekey contact information and matter details. As an added benefit, xchangedocs offered seamless integration with Worldox, Teplitsky Colson’s document management system.


The firm’s law clerks saw an immediate opportunity to use xchangedocs to support four commercial and civil litigation practice areas, including bank-ruptcy, estate, franchise, and real estate litigation. The team became proficient with xchangedocs after only one short orientation session.

“xchangedocs is super-easy to use,” said Dilupneet Kang, a law clerk at Teplitsky Colson. “We can drag and drop documents straight from Worldox, our document management system, and all relevant party information is automatically provided by ACL.”

The firm currently uses xchangedocs primarily for serving documents on opposing parties and has already seen two major benefits. Files that would otherwise be too large for email to handle can be sent with xchangedocs in a single mouse-click. And the status of a document, including confirmation of receipt and open date, is known in real time through the system’s tracking feature.

“With xchangedocs, we never worry about served documents not being opened, as the receiving lawyer’s legal assistant almost always opens the documents,” said Kang.


Teplitsky Colson has seen significant time savings from their use of xchangedocs. With the ability to serve documents electronically, delivery is instantaneous. And emailing large files is no longer a problem because xchangedocs sends files of any size as a secure link that the authorized recipient can easily open and download.

Law clerks can complete work on a matter with fewer steps. And because xchangedocs is tightly integrated with ACL, document creation and document service are all under a unified, time-saving workflow, with document exchanges organized by matter.

The need to notarize or commission an affidavit of service has been eliminated and replaced with an electronic Record of Service which is readily accepted by the courts in Ontario. And with the tracking features of xchangedocs, users have a real-time audit trail that captures when a document was received and opened.

When asked about additional features she might want in xchangedocs, Kang concluded, “We love xchangedocs as is and can’t think of anything else we’d want it to do!”

For more information about xchangedocs, visit korbitecinc.com/xchangedocs.


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