Summer CashmoreKorbitec’s xchangedocs improves speed, cost, and security of document exchange for 100-year-old law firm.

Since 1921, Waterous Holden Amey Hitchon LLP (Waterous) has provided legal services in Brantford, Ontario, and Brant County. The firm serves individuals, families, businesses, and government, and educational, charitable, and cultural institutions.


For Waterous, sending documents to other parties involved in a matter was slow, cumbersome, and expensive. Sending large documents as email attachments was often impossible.

WHY xchangedocs

Waterous was already an active user of Korbitec’s document automation solution, Automated Civil Litigation (ACL), when they were introduced to xchangedocs. The firm appreciated the convenience of using the contact information they had already entered in their ACL system and the tight integration between the two products that allowed them to send documents through xchangedocs without leaving ACL.


Waterous took advantage of the training class included with xchangedocs. Seven users in the firm were trained.

“xchangedocs is so easy to use,” said Summer Cashmore, Litigation Law Clerk at Waterous. ‘It only took minutes to learn.”

The firm now uses xchangedocs to send all of its documents to opposing firms, clients, and third-party experts. They especially like the convenience of serving documents with xchangedocs and the ability to send large documents that exceed email limits.

“A lot of our clients are set up on xchangedocs,” said Cashmore, “so it’s much easier to send them documents through xchangedocs than splitting them up among many emails. xchangedocs keeps everything organized.”


Waterous has seen significant time savings with xchangedocs. Previously, six or seven affidavits would take more than a few hours using process servers. Now everything can be sent electronically from inside ACL without the need to search for or rekey any information.

The firm is also saving money with xchangedocs. Couriers alone were costing Waterous $13 to $14 per package.

“xchangedocs makes things much more efficient and secure,” said Cashmore. “Matters progress more quickly making happier clients, and happier clients are clients that return.”

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