Korbitec and ChildView® Join to Create Seamless Family Law Solution

Mar 21, 2016

Korbitec and ChildView have integrated ChildView’s support calculator with the Automated Civil Litigation (ACL3) document assembly system for an end-to-end family law solution that eliminates duplicate data entry, saving time and reducing errors.

Toronto, Canada, March 22, 2016 – Korbitec Inc., developer of Automated Civil Litigation (ACL3), the standard in Canada for legal document assembly, today announced that it has entered into a collaboration with ChildView, developer of the leading software in Alberta and across Canada for family law calculations, whereby child and spousal support data and results from ChildView can automatically populate the appropriate family law documents in ACL3.

ACL3 - ChildViewThe combined solution offers family law lawyers a single seamless automated process, from support calculations through the completion and assembly of required forms and documents. “With ACL3, our users can easily, and accurately flow the support calculations into the appropriate documents and forms,” said Susan Roberts, President of ChildView Inc. “For our wide client base, which includes family law practitioners, courts and government agencies, mediators, and educators, this integration solution provides a faster and more accurate way to assemble the documents they produce every day, without losing any flexibility in the drafting.”

Korbitec’s ACL3 has long established itself as the leading solution for the creation and assembly of civil litigation documents, and the company recently expanded the product’s built-in library of forms to include the full array of documents required in family law. The software takes in client-specific data through an on-screen dialogue, or directly from outside data sources, and merges the data with pre-approved, standardized text to create a complete court document, report, letter, or agreement.

“Integrating ACL with ChildView seemed like the logical solution since their software for family law calculations is already in use by so many practices,” said Alan Bass, President of Korbitec. “In addition to reducing time and errors, our built-in client interview questions were the perfect response to the problem of incomplete data collection that has been observed as a recurring theme in family law.”

A recent study of divorce trends found that cost – both the legal cost associated with a divorce and the longer-term cost of child support or asset division – was the top concern among people seeking family law information and services and lawyers practicing family law. Alberta family law has well-established guidelines for child and spousal support that help make the determination of costs more straightforward. The ChildView software is specifically designed to address the calculation requirements of the Child Support Guidelines and the analysis and determination of spousal support, as well as the financial outcomes of support.

The new solution has been formally released, and is available immediately to family law practitioners in Alberta. “We are excited to bring the benefits of both company’s products to the family law community in Alberta. It’s a win for all parties involved,” said Roberts.

About Korbitec
Korbitec is the developer of Automated Civil Litigation (ACL3) the leading document assembly software for Canada’s civil litigators. ACL3 automates the entire process of creating court documents and letters, enabling lawyers and their staff to prepare documents quickly, accurately and efficiently. ACL is easy to use and always up to date with the latest rule changes and court forms, including Queen’s Bench, Provincial Court, Federal Court, Insolvency and Tax Court, and family law forms for Divorce claims, Division of Matrimonial Property claims, FLA claims, Affidavits.

About ChildView
ChildView is an all-inclusive software solution for determining child and spousal support across Canada. The program includes all Child Support Guidelines calculators, the “Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines” calculator, the Spousal Support Analyzer and the Lump Sum Spousal Support Calculator. The annual software license includes all updates, as well as, unlimited toll-free telephone support within the licensing period.


Alan Bass
President, Korbitec Inc.
[email protected]

Susan Roberts
[email protected]
President, ChildView Inc.