Lawyers Want Legal Tech Built for the Business of Law

Aug 22, 2019

Lawyers Want Legal TechIs technology servicing your firm the way you want it to? The way you need it to, to be more efficient?

While the world of legal tech continues to make waves, some say lawyers are slow adopters of the technological revolution. That sentiment is still up for debate. But for those who might still be resistant to dipping their toes in the tech pool, the results of a recent survey could be identifying what’s muddying the waters: Lawyers want more tech designed specifically for them.

A large percentage of lawyers say they’re using technology that isn’t industry-specific, is too complex, and ends up creating more work than it saves. In fact, 48% said that software created directly for the business of law is what they’re looking for.

More specifically:

  • 42% felt more intuitive software is needed.
  • 40% want a better user interface.

In addition, 42% felt that to stay competitive, firms must invest in legal technologies that support legal service work.

One great example of this when it comes to litigation is Korbitec’s Automated Civil Litigation (ACL). Designed solely and specifically for lawyers, this is intuitive software with an easy to use interface that automates court forms, letters and agreements, eliminating lost time, inconsistencies and costly errors.

Technology software made specifically for lawyers: Legal tech waters ready for you to dive right in.