Canadian Lawyer Announces 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards

Dec 9, 2021

Readers Choice AwardsThe results are in. The 7th Annual Canadian Lawyer Readers’ Choice Awards has named 116 winners and Korbitec is in the Top 10. Korbitec won for both ACL5 and ACL Family Law, which finished with the 8th highest number of positive responses.

Canadian Lawyer describes the reasons for Korbitec’s selection under the subheading “Always having the correct forms at your fingertips”. Here are the highlights:

The most current forms in one place. Canadian court forms have gone through 18 updates in 2021, with more on the way. File the wrong form and the court clerk will likely reject it. Korbitec’s Canadian Lawyer Readers’ Choice Award acknowledges how ACL provides lawyers with over 3,500 forms that are always the most current version.

Fewer errors in legal documents. Using “copy and paste” to create a legal document is a common source of errors. Dates can be wrong, incorrect names left in, or the wrong gender pronouns used. Korbitec’s Canadian Lawyer Readers’ Choice Award acknowledges ACL’s ability to help lawyers avoid these pitfalls.

Adaptability. A good document system should be flexible enough to adapt to a firm’s unique procedures and practices. Korbitec’s Canadian Lawyer Readers’ Choice Award acknowledges ACL as a document automation system that adapts to a law firm’s preferences and style.

The complete list of Readers’ Choice Award winners can be found on the Canadian Lawyer website here. Michael Sauber
Michael Sauber leads the marketing program for Korbitec, producer of Automated Civil Litigation Software (ACL). He has worked with document production technologies and professional services for over 30 years and is a frequent blogger on these topics.