Time Is Of The Essence

Jan 28, 2013

It’s an old adage but it aptly defines Automated Civil Litigation (“ACL”). ACL reduces the chance of errors and saves considerable time when creating, preparing and assembling litigation documents including back-pages. Spending time formatting a document is a thing of the past. In the legal field, this is invaluable.

The time saved with the use of ACL, which is a pay-per-use service, allows users to spend their time working on case content, not tedious document set-up. Customer service and technical support is readily available and free of charge. All customer support representatives are former litigation assistants or law clerks so they know the drill. There is also no charge for the software, content updates and training.

ACL is cutting edge technology because it is the leading automation software that offers easy access to a magnitude of court forms and other court documents. And, if you want to add your own letter and precedents, the ACL staff will search for it and add it to the collection, making it an-ever expanding and accurate resource to you and your firm.

The accuracy provided with the use of ACL software essentially eliminates the risk of error that may arise from copying and pasting text from document to document. And mistakes subject the lawyer and firm to professional liability. Why take unnecessary risks?

Quantifying interest…

Did you know that ACL — in addition to including court forms, letters, practice direction forms, common motions, releases and other court documents — has the most efficient and easiest calculator for determining pre and post judgment interest? It is the fastest and most accurate method to determine interest owed and it will surely save you time and money. You can even assemble a summary complete with Title of Proceedings and totals for multiple calculations to send to clients or just keep in the file.

Additionally, you can use this calculator to automate a payment schedule for monies owed. If your firm already has ACL and you have not used this feature, call us for a quick remote demo. If you are not using ACL, see what you’ve been missing.