Use of Task Manager will Reduce Firm’s Risk

Apr 23, 2013

After many requests, Korbitec is pleased to announce a Task Manager (“Tickler”) is now part of the newest version of Automated Civil Litigation (ACL). In addition to the incredible efficiencies and reduced errors that firms gain when utilizing ACL, this has become another big selling feature of ACL and here are the top three reasons why:

1. Reduces the risk of missing deadlines caused by office “busy-ness”.

LawPro recently stated the largest increase in claims against lawyers was due to administrative dismissal. Using a tool to keep track of important dates greatly reduces the risk of missing deadlines and subsequently costing you and your client money.

2. Serves as a checklist of office procedures.

The ACL Task Manager’s flexibility allows a firm, and more specifically a litigation team, to create and implement a set of tasks associated with opening a file. This “checklist” of items ensures procedures are in place and deadlines for each item can be set and adhered to by the team. The notification report allows one or more team members (staff and professionals) to monitor the tasks for each file.

3. Syncs with Outlook ®.

Every task assigned to you automatically syncs to your Outlook making deadlines easier to meet (or conversely, harder to miss). Tasks can be updated and the changes happen in real time to keep you up-to-date even when you are out of the office.

4. ACL sends reminders.

An email reminder can be sent to the user or others on the team as deadlines near and/or are due.

Litigation is fast-paced and complex. Let ACL’s Task Manager keep you on top of your game.