What Is the Future of Law?

Mar 20, 2013

Two law professors from Michigan State University, Daniel Martin Katz and Renee Newman Knake, believe that technology, delivery and design are the keys to the future of the practice of law.

Katz and Knake are the founders of Reinvent Law, a law laboratory devoted to technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Reinvent Law rests on a simple concept: “We believe lawyers can change the world, but to change the world we must first change ourselves.”

On March 8th 2013, in Silicon Valley, Reinvent Law held a daylong conference. It was modelled on the famous TED conferences, with over 40 speakers discussing provocative changes occurring in the legal world with respect to digital age technology.

A number of important ideas came out of this event. American Lawyer stated that each and every speaker emphasized that:

• Clients are either unhappy or unserved

• The law itself can be seen as a massive, beautiful set of data ripe for reorganizing

• The answers to the crisis in the legal world come in digital form

In his presentation, Katz stressed that now is the time for law firms to invest in new ways of doing business and delivering service. He believes that the legal market is ready for new providers who will look freshly at problems, apply new technologies, and drive innovation.

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