Why should your firm choose Korbitec’s ACL to automate document production?

Apr 11, 2013

1. Over 2,000 litigators from more than 250 law firms across Ontario have already chosen ACL as the “best practices” method for their staff to assemble court forms and other litigation documents.They believe that ACL is the fastest, easiest and more reliable litigation document assembly solution available on the market. They know that ACL improves working conditions in their firm and makes lawyers and staff more efficient and profitable.

2. ACL is the single most reliable source for court forms.ACL provides you with the most up-to date version of court forms, and Korbitec’s diligent staff maintain these forms so that you can be sure that you are using the correct document each and every time you use ACL.

3. ACL reduces the risk and liability of your firm.It eliminates virtually all document errors by removing the error-prone habit of copying and pasting text from document to document.

4. ACL is more than just court forms.It also contains many other important legal documents such as common motions, factums and releases.Using these documents can significantly improve lawyer effectiveness, efficiency and profitability.

5. ACL produces professional looking documents that are formatted consistently.Every document created by any user at your firm automatically follows your firm’s chosen format and style.

6. ACL can be customized with your firm’s precedent content.This makes it possible to assemble a fully completed multi-paragraph defence pleading or plaintiff claim in just seconds.This removes the cost and hassle of multiple lawyers managing and maintaining their own templates.

7. There are no hidden costs with ACL.All updates, product enhancements, technical support and training are included in the ACL license, and are provided at no additional cost.Our training staff are trained in civil litigation and understand your firm’s needs.

8. Never miss a critical due date again with ACL’s newest feature – the task manager or “tickler” system. The task manager in ACL allows you to assign dates or a whole task list directly to a file. There are many reminders built in, and it can be set up to email you or anyone in the firm when something is due.  It seamlessly integrates with Outlook, so tasks can be tracked in a program your firm uses everyday.