Remote Law: Work-From-Home Legal Tech

Apr 17, 2020

Work-from-home legaltechLawyers have been hearing for quite some time about how legal tech was going to transform the way they work. As an industry, however, legal has been slow to adopt technology when compared to other sectors. The oft-cited excuse is that lawyers are “risk-averse”. In the new age of novel coronavirus, that term must take on a whole new meaning.

Meeting clients? The face-to-face is now in the virtual space.
Accessing documents? In-person is no longer allowed, so look them up in the cloud.
Exchanging files? Hand-to-hand is indefinitely banned.

It’s clear that the time for procrastinating about tech is over. The new stay-at-home remote work culture has made it imperative for attorneys to tap into tech. Web video conferencing tools are widely available to conduct client meetings and even law firm team conferences. Cloud storage can ensure that anyone in the firm can access the important documents and files they need.

But what about document exchange with external recipients outside the firm?

At some point, most documents in a legal proceeding need to change hands – to be served, exchanged or delivered to the other party. But in the age of “social distancing”, how is this possible?


Safe and Economical Document Exchange

With human intermediaries a non-starter during the COVID-19 crisis, a technology that allows lawyers to send and share documents safely with their intended party is critical.

xchangedocs by Korbitec offers a secure online platform whereby any parties engaging in a specific legal matter can exchange any size documents with the intended recipient securely, swiftly, accurately and economically.

“Without a service like this, lawyers would need to send large files on CD, USB keys, or paper, since most email services can’t take large files and are definitely not secure,” says Korbitec President Alan Bass. “xchangedocs has value regardless of the times, but when you add what we are going through now, it becomes essential for documents of any size. People simply don’t want couriers or process servers coming to their homes.”

In Ontario, an Affidavit of Service is not required if one is to be served via an electronic portal. xchangedocs has this covered, generating an approved Record of Service in accordance with the Rules of Civil Procedure.

Regardless of where you practice, xchangedocs offers a huge cost and time savings, all while maintaining social distancing.

Stay safe, and electronically secure. Learn more about xchangedocs and other crucial software necessary in these times, and always, at Korbitec.ca.